Are you a care worker living or working in Solihull? Solihull Council has set up a special fund to support you if you’re experiencing financial hardship during the Covid-19 crisis.

We are offering grants to workers providing care to people in their own homes or in a Solihull care home. For full details about the fund, who is eligible and how to apply visit the Care Workers’ Charity website’



Carer Identification


It is important to let us know if you are a Carer for one of our patients.  

Sometimes when people are looking after someone they can get tired or frustrated and would like to know that there is someone outside the family who might understand and can help them. If we know that you are a main carer, we can offer you that help.

Not only can we take greater care of you, but we also need to know who is supporting our patients. The information you give us will be added to the notes of the person you are caring for, so we can contact you quickly in an emergency or if we have any other concerns. Also if you have concerns we know we can talk to you, as the main carer, with their permission.

To notify us that you are supporting one of our patients, by filling in the attached form and handing it in to reception.